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Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Workout Mistakes in Fat Loss Programs

I admit to making alot of mistakes in working out and trying to get control of my waistline and losing weight in general.   I want to share three workout mistakes in fat loss programs that I recently came across.  My friend Craig Ballantyne is an expert on these matters.  Take note as to what he says and better still, apply to your regime so you don't make the same mistakes that I and many others have made.

Are you making these common mistakes that often RUIN people's well-meaning, yet fatally flawed workouts?

Mistake #1 - Using a Traditional, Ineffective Warm-up
Unless you struggle with nagging injuries - and I realize many folks do - you shouldn't be wasting your precious time by spending 5-10 minutes on a cardio warm-up. It does nothing for you.
Eliminate it and use a bodyweight circuit warm-up instead, such as bodyweight squats, stick-ups, mountain climbers, prisoner lunges, and pushups
Mistake #2 - Using Traditional Straight Sets for Resistance Training
If you get your program out of old-school magazines, it probably recommends "straight sets" - meaning you do a set, then rest a long time, then repeat the set, etc.
But eye-opening new research shows that non-competing superset training - there you use "opposing muscle groups" in alternating exercises - BOOSTS your metabolism more than traditional straight sets. (Reference: J Str Cond Res 24:4 2010)
And again, the short burst fat loss workouts you'll find online fix this mistake - by using non-competing supersets and tri-Sets (three exercises) to boost metabolism.

Mistake #3 - Using Traditional Slow Cardio
I won't bore you with the research I've discussed time after time showing you that cardio is inefficient and ineffective for fat loss.
Needless to say, you've probably learned the hard way that cardio doesn't work. After all, you probably found the short, burst workout system when you were looking for something that worked better than cardio.
And that "something that works better" is interval training, as well as metabolic resistance training. And you'll find an approved metabolic resistance training circuit that will knock your fat loss results out of the park when you do something like dumbbell squats paired with dumbbell chest presses, followed by dumbbell rows paired with hamstring curls.
Now go out there and burn it up with better workout strategies.

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