Losing A Part Of Me

Ever wanted to lose weight and tried so many different things that you finally said "the heck with this?" Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Come along for the ride and lets learn from one another as we lose a part of us.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Ran across an interesting article by Craig Ballantyne the other day that I felt I had to share.  Hey, we all want to "burn the belly fat off" don't we?  Craig has some great insight and some I plan on incorporating.  Check this article out.

By: Craig Ballantyne

Best Ways to Burn Belly Fat
I often get asked, “What’s the best way to burn fat and lose my belly?” People want to know if aerobics is better than strength training, or if traditional cardio exercise is better than intervals.
Well, to say I've done them all would be an understatement.
With over 15 years experience helping others, training myself, training for sports, spending countless hours in the gym, AND actually conducting laboratory research studies on different exercise methods, I'm pretty confident in knowing what works and what does not.
But first of all, I want to frame my responses. I'm going to talk about what works for people that have a limited amount of time to exercise, mostly because I expect your readers don't have 90 minutes per day to devote to a workout, unlike the typical audience of a fitness magazine.
That's why there is a huge disconnect between some of the information found in magazines and the ability of the reader to apply it to their lives.
We just don't have 6-8 hours per week for exercise, nor do we need it. If you're a triathlete, you might need that, but not someone that just wants to lose fat and gain muscle.
Having said all that, the bottom line for getting a better body is...
Use bodyweight exercises to warm-up, strength training supersets to build muscle, and then finish your workout with interval training to burn fat in a short amount of time. I've structured my system so that you are in and out of the gym in 45 minutes, three times per week.
You'll do 5 minutes of bodyweight exercises to warm-up. This is a much more efficient approach than spending 5 minutes walking on a treadmill, which really doesn't prepare you for anything except more walking on a treadmill.
Then we move into the strength training supersets, where we use two exercises performed back to back with minimum rest between each. This cuts our workout time, while still giving us maximum results. We only need 20 minutes for this, and we'll use basic exercises, and sometimes even more bodyweight exercises, depending on the client's goal for muscle building.
And finally, we'll do 18 minutes of interval training. A warm-up, followed by six short intervals at the appropriate fitness level for the client, interspersed with short periods of low-intensity recovery. Finish with a cool-down. And that's the workout. Again, about 45 minutes total.
Compare that to what most people do, which is run, jog, cycle or use the cardio machines for 45 minutes straight. Sure, that will burn calories, but it doesn't build a better body.
In fact, there are a few "dark sides" to long slow cardio, including less-than-optimal results, the potential for overuse injuries, and it is an inefficient form of exercise. If you only have 30-45 minutes for your workout and you spend it all on a cardio machine, when are you going to train the rest of your muscles and sculpt a better body?
So the best way to burn belly fat is with a combination of strength training and interval training. It’s fast, it works, and it’s fun!

The game plan I suggest:


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting A Grip - Losing This Weight

I have been comtemplating how to go about losing this extra thirty pounds or so.  I know that exercise with emphasis on proper diet is the right way to go.  But to be truthful with you, I don't want to give up what I don't want to give up.   My wife would tell me to get a grip on things.   Easier said than done.

What does getting a grip on losing weight really mean?  Let me share a few ideas I have collected as to how I plan on getting a grip:

  1 -  I must east less.  Not saying I must eliminate meals or observe diets where I will starve myself.  But rather, I neeed to eat less in my meals.  In other words, no stuffing myself.  "Starvation diets"  can result in bad eating habits, even "Compulsive Eating Disorders".  Just need to eat less at meals.

2 - Eat at the start of my day.  I have had a bad habit of not eating until lunch as of late.  Would justify eating a big lunch.  Alot of sense that makes, huh?  In fact, there's nothing like rev-ving up your "metabolism" than with eating a healthy breakfast.  No, that doesn't mean peanut butter Captain Crunch or a big honey bun.   A real breakfast.

3 - Calculators not necessary for monitoring food intake - "Losing weight" can become such an obsession for some folks that they resort to extremes like using calculators to add up the calories.  I am not going to be a slave to the cause.  I know that if I will just eat until I am satisfied, that will be enough.  Doesn't mean I can eat until I can hardly breathe.

4 - h2O - Lastly, plenty of h20.  The good Lord knew what He was doing when He created this stuff.  It does wonders for whatever ails you, my Mom use to say.  Seriously, there is nothing more helpful to "losing weight" and keeping it off than drinking plenty of water.  I have heard that eight (8) ounce glasses a day is the magical number to keeping the body hydrated as well as keep the metabolism running good.  Two glasses before each meal is especially effective in proper digestion.

Okay, I am on my way now.  I am getting a grip on losing this weight.

This is the game plan I suggest:


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obsessed or Possessed - The Weight Had To Go

A close friend of mine has struggled with being overweight all his life.  In his early teens, he established some bad eating habits which led to both compulsive eating disorder and bulimia.  His body went through all kinds of changes, mostly being overweight.  There have been times when he has done some major "crash diets" and would lose a considerable amount of weight only to gain it back in a relatively short period of time.  As far as the bulimia goes, he struggled with this for over 10 years or so.  Thankfully, he realized what he was doing to himself and was able to quit.  My friend was obsessed or possessed for many years, the weight had to go.

Still today my friend has not got to his desired weight, but he is getting there.  There is still an obsession or possession (if you want to call it that) to reach his goal.  Let me tell you what he has been doing.  First, he has cut back on the starches (sugars, bread, potatoes - especially french fries) and has incorporated a steady diet of veggies.   Then, he tries to "consistently exercise".  One of the routines he uses is the T-Tapping that Teresa Tapp promotes.  Intense workout to say the least.  He wants to start doing some "resistance training" but I don't think he's started yet.  So he is definitely on the right track.

At the present time, I am also considering options to shedding about thirty pounds.  No, I am not obsessed or possessed by the desire to do so at any cost.  I have learned from my friend as to what I can and cannot do.  The weight has to go but it will be the right way.

This is the game plan I suggest:


Friday, September 24, 2010

Metabolism and Fat Loss

I have heard time and again that the key to weight loss is getting one's metabolism running on high test.  That is, speed it up.  The premise is, if one's metabolism is burning more calories, you have got to lose, right?  Well, its a little more complicated than that.

On the one hand, if you eat more, metabolism can speed up.  But calorie intake becomes an issue.  On the other hand, if you starve yourself, your metabolism slows down.   Another issue with starving oneself is the problem of obsessive compulsive eating.  With that you may find some with problems of anorexia and/or bulimia.  So many things to consider with metabolism concerns.

Scientific research has proven that one can eat a low calorie diet for periods of time without seeing a change in the metabolism.  Lets say someone also does some moderate weight training at the same time, what you'll see is very little loss in muscle mass.  What you will see is fat loss.  Thats a "good thing" for those looking for fat loss.

More than one study has been done on this phenomenon.  Its not rocket science nor is it about some magic pill that will take care of fat loss.  The answer is quite simple for us simpletons.  We need to cut back on the calories and exercise.

This is the game plan I suggest:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Knew I Needed To Lose Weight When . . .

Obesity has a dirty sound to it, doesn't it?  Who wants to be called obese?  I was at Sam's Club earlier this evening and took stock of those around me.  Most were overweight.  Just a few years ago, I was fit as a fiddle.  To be in my late 40's, I was in good shape.  Man, how things can change in a hurry!

Several things have happened to my anatomy that isn't pleasing.  Its not that I am greatly overeating.  Nor am I inactive.   I guess a combination of factors has put me in the dilemna I am in.  Like alot of folks, I do not enjoy being overweight.  My world is not about how I look.  But then again, how I feel does have a big part in the quality of life I am living.  Hey,  I knew I needed to lose weight when:

1) My waist size went from a 34 to a 36.   Slowly but surely my waist  has gotten bigger, or my pants have gotten smaller.  I'd like to say its the latter, but you aren't going for that and I'm not either.

2) Intimacy was different.  I realize this is personal but I want to be real.  Kissing is important in intimacy to me.  The extra weight has put a little bit of barrier between my wife and I.  This is not a "good" thing.

3) Simple things like tying my shoelaces made breathing a little more taxing.   I don't know when this started but I know its not good.  Not asking my wife to tie my shoes yet though.

Check this out.  I don't like diets for the sake of diets.  I have tried Greer Childers' breathing exercises.  I have T-Tapped with Teresa Tapp.  And I have participated in all kinds of exercise routines.   But you know what?  I am not giving up!   I am going to lose a part of me.

This is the game plan I suggest:


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Losing A Part of Me

Want to hear something sick?   I use to run 5 to 10 miles a day.   I did countless crunches and other exercises for my midsection.  I use to do pull-ups to tone my shoulders and arms.  I was in SHAPE.

Today, I weigh about 35 more pounds than previously.  To say I am not happy about this turn of events is the understatement of the year.

I am too old to run, too lazy to work out.  And the only stomach work I am doing is filling that sucker up with food.  So what am I to do?  Losing A Part of Me will be some thoughts and suggestions about how I am going to get this weight off of me.

Come along for the ride, this will be fun.

This is the game plan I suggest: