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Ever wanted to lose weight and tried so many different things that you finally said "the heck with this?" Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Come along for the ride and lets learn from one another as we lose a part of us.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obsessed or Possessed - The Weight Had To Go

A close friend of mine has struggled with being overweight all his life.  In his early teens, he established some bad eating habits which led to both compulsive eating disorder and bulimia.  His body went through all kinds of changes, mostly being overweight.  There have been times when he has done some major "crash diets" and would lose a considerable amount of weight only to gain it back in a relatively short period of time.  As far as the bulimia goes, he struggled with this for over 10 years or so.  Thankfully, he realized what he was doing to himself and was able to quit.  My friend was obsessed or possessed for many years, the weight had to go.

Still today my friend has not got to his desired weight, but he is getting there.  There is still an obsession or possession (if you want to call it that) to reach his goal.  Let me tell you what he has been doing.  First, he has cut back on the starches (sugars, bread, potatoes - especially french fries) and has incorporated a steady diet of veggies.   Then, he tries to "consistently exercise".  One of the routines he uses is the T-Tapping that Teresa Tapp promotes.  Intense workout to say the least.  He wants to start doing some "resistance training" but I don't think he's started yet.  So he is definitely on the right track.

At the present time, I am also considering options to shedding about thirty pounds.  No, I am not obsessed or possessed by the desire to do so at any cost.  I have learned from my friend as to what I can and cannot do.  The weight has to go but it will be the right way.

This is the game plan I suggest:


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