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Friday, September 24, 2010

Metabolism and Fat Loss

I have heard time and again that the key to weight loss is getting one's metabolism running on high test.  That is, speed it up.  The premise is, if one's metabolism is burning more calories, you have got to lose, right?  Well, its a little more complicated than that.

On the one hand, if you eat more, metabolism can speed up.  But calorie intake becomes an issue.  On the other hand, if you starve yourself, your metabolism slows down.   Another issue with starving oneself is the problem of obsessive compulsive eating.  With that you may find some with problems of anorexia and/or bulimia.  So many things to consider with metabolism concerns.

Scientific research has proven that one can eat a low calorie diet for periods of time without seeing a change in the metabolism.  Lets say someone also does some moderate weight training at the same time, what you'll see is very little loss in muscle mass.  What you will see is fat loss.  Thats a "good thing" for those looking for fat loss.

More than one study has been done on this phenomenon.  Its not rocket science nor is it about some magic pill that will take care of fat loss.  The answer is quite simple for us simpletons.  We need to cut back on the calories and exercise.

This is the game plan I suggest:


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